A Tribute to Callas – Concert and art exhibition to celebrate the 100th birthday of Maria Callas

The captivating concert A Tribute to Callas will enchant Verona on December 2, 2023. This event is the second installment of the ‘La Lirica al Castello’ series, a collaboration between soprano Claudia Oddo, Günther Sanin (concertmaster of the Fondazione Arena di Verona), and under the direction of Luca Passante. The concert takes place in the historic Castelvecchio and is complemented by an art exhibition featuring works by local artists, curated by Tiziano Meglioranzi. Additionally, there is an international section curated by Mansoureh Rahnama titled “Wells of Love – women who impact the world” dedicated to the hundredth birthday of Maria Callas. All 15 works in the exhibition have been specifically created for this occasion.


Title: A Tribute to Callas
Date: December 2nd, 2023 | 6.30 pm
Venue: Circolo Castelvecchio, Verona

Duration of the art exhibition:
December 2nd, 2023 to January 7th, 2024
Free admission for invited guests.

Participating international artists, curated by THINKUP Editions:

Wells of Love – women who impact the world

Wells of Love is a heartfelt tribute to Maria Callas on her 100th birthday, celebrating her enduring impact on the world of art and culture. This unique project, inspired by the Diva’s legacy, is dedicated to weaving love stories through artistic expressions, firmly believing in the transformative power of love to inspire positive change. Wells of Love believes in the transformative power of love through art and encourages artists to promote a shared vision of a better future. The upcoming concert and art exhibition stand as a testament to Maria Callas’ exceptional contributions, inviting artists to contribute their unique talents in fostering a shared vision for a brighter future. In honoring the artistic mastery of creators, Wells of Love aims to immortalize the legend of Maria Callas, ensuring that her story resonates globally.

Ali Ansari

Ali Ansari, a versatile artist and creator born in Tehran, Iran, has made significant contributions to the fields of graphic design, illustration, and visual art. His involvement in theatre as a director, puppet designer, and stage designer adds another layer to his diverse artistic journey. Having lived and worked in various countries and cities, including Armenia/Yerevan, Georgia/Tbilisi, Berlin, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Paris, and Tehran, Ali’s creative influence transcends both artistic disciplines and geographical boundaries.

Ali has actively participated in Wells of Love, contributing his work titled “The Sun’s Smile” Ali Ansari | Visual Artist, Iran, Mixed-Media + Photocollage + Digital Art.

The sun‘s smile” Ali Ansari | Visual Artist, Iran, Mixed-Media + Photocollage + Digital Art, 100x130cm

Zahra Hassanabadi

Zahra Hassanabadi, born in Shiraz, Iran, and currently residing in Germany since 2001, employs unconventional materials like food remnants, steel sponges, and plant parts in her artwork. These materials create unique aesthetic values and convey the vulnerability of human existence. Notably, she uses head forms as symbols of identity, devoid of facial features, shaped solely by the nature of the materials.

In her paintings, Zahra constructs abstract landscapes using graphic elements like dots, lines, and shapes, portraying imaginary places of longing. She integrates her Iranian roots by combining her grandmother’s old embroideries with family letters in Farsi, emphasizing her deep connection to her homeland and cultural background.

Zahra participated in Wells of Love with “Maria Eterna” | Visual Artist, Germany – Iran, mixed media, Photocollage + Digital Art, 100x130cm.

“Maria Eterna” Zahra Hassanabadi | Visual Artist, Germany – Iran, mixed media, Photocollage + Digital Art, 100x130cm

Mansoureh Rahnama

Mansoureh, born in Iran and residing in Germany for over two decades, entered the art scene early in her life. After earning her degree in business administration from TU Dortmund, she directed her artistic focus toward innovative digitization projects in the cultural and creative industries. Her love for music blossomed during her youth in Iran, where Western music was considered underground and circulated secretly in schools. While studying in Germany, her passion for classical music and opera flourished. Inspired by figures like Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti, Lucio Dalla, the jazz-influenced Paolo Conte, and her connection to Iranian-rooted arias for Darya Dadvar, Mansoureh’s deep passion reflects in organizing opera events.

As the founder of THINKUP Editions, Mansoureh leads a team in art, design, Literatur, film, and research. Stemming from the women’s movement in Iran, she developed “Women’s Empowerment – Live the change, change lives!” The campaign advocates for gender equality through art exhibitions and film festivals, showcasing Mansoureh’s installations and multimedia art—an authentic anthem to the power of art and music.

Mansoureh initiated the Wells of Love project to make a positive impact amid the current world conflicts. She contributed her artwork, “Golestan Reverie” | Multimedia Artist, Germany, Iran, mixed-media + Photocollage + Digital Art, 100x130cm, to the project.

“Golestan Reverie” Mansoureh Rahnama | Multimedia Artist, Germany, Iran, mixed-media + Photocollage + Digital Art, 100x130cm

I am extremely pleased to be part of this outstanding event curating the 100th birthday of Maria Callas. It is a personal honor for me to contribute to this significant milestone in the world of art and culture. With great anticipation, I look forward to presenting the impressive artworks of talented female artists. Their works promise to enrich this unique occasion in an artistic manner. This event will become a poignant tribute to the unforgettable Maria Callas, and I am excited to captivate the guests with the artistic brilliance of these remarkable women.

Mansoureh Rahnama


Raban Ruddigkeit

Born in Leipzig, he co-founded and designed Messitsch, East Germany’s first and last fanzine. Post-Berlin Wall, he engaged in media initiatives, book illustrations, and design for culture and commerce. In 1991, he became “Kreuzer’s” editor-in-chief, later moving to Berlin for work in advertising and magazines. Returning to his roots, he became an independent artist and political thinker. A highly acclaimed creative in Germany and a top-50 European creative, his graphic commentaries won the Illustration of the Year award in 2016. He designs a weekly half-page for Berliner Zeitung, lectures, and has taught at institutions like HfG Offenbach, UdK Berlin, and MSD Munster School of Design. His publications, including “Freistil – Best Of European Commercial Illustration”, complement his design work. His collaboration with Lars Harmsen on “Typodarium – The Daily Dose Of Type” received the Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the Type Directors Club.

Raban participated in Wells of Love, honoring women who impact the world, with his design work “Butterfly Effect”.

“Butterfly Effect” Raban Ruddigkeit | Designer, Germany, mixed-media, 100x130cm


Keizo Matsui

Keizo Matsui, a luminary in graphic design, founded Keizo Matsui Inc. in Osaka, Japan, marking the beginning of his pioneering legacy. As a Professor at Osaka University of Arts, his impact extends beyond studios, inspiring aspiring designers. Iconic works like the Logo Mark for Kansai International Airport and the Official Government Bulletin of Japan showcase his design brilliance, earning him accolades such as Tokyo Art Directors Club Awards and ICOGRADA Excellence Award. His global influence, recognized with the Golden Bee Award, solidifies Matsui’s visionary status. Serving on prestigious design juries and contributing to art seeds studio, Matsui’s enduring legacy inspires designers to redefine limits and shape the canvas of creativity.

Yoko Yuzuki

Yoko Yuzuki is a renowned artist, art director, and designer. After studying art in Denmark in 1995, she established a studio in Denmark for 25 years and another in Tokyo for 23 years. Currently, she heads the design and art company art seeds studio in Hiroshima, where she works internationally as an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer.

She participated in Wells of Love with her work “Songs of Roses”, a collaboration with Keizo Matsui, a designer from Japan. The piece is a mixed-media creation measuring 95x130cm.

“Songs of roses”, Yoko Yuzuki | Visual artist & Keizo Matsui | Designer, Japan, mixed-media, 95x130cm


Yossi Lemel

Yossi Lemel is a renowned artist and professor with numerous exhibitions and jury roles in global biennials, gaining international recognition. As an instructor, he has conducted workshops on social and political topics in various countries. He has received multiple awards for his work, and his pieces are featured in prestigious museums worldwide. Currently, he is a partner at Lemel Inc. in Tel Aviv.

He participated in Wells of Love with his work “The Spirit of Music”, showcasing his expertise in mixed-media artistry creation measuring 100x130cm.

“The spirit of music”, Yossi Lemel | Designer, Israel, mixed-media, 100x130cm


Verona Celebrates Maria Callas: An Extraordinary Legacy in the Focus of International Music and Art Enthusiasts

We are delighted to inform music and art enthusiasts about this international event in celebration of the 100th birthday of Maria Callas in the beautiful city of Verona. Here, amidst the echoes of timeless love stories, we collectively celebrate an extraordinary legacy. We would highly appreciate coverage of this unique event. A report with photos and videos will be gladly provided to you.