A Tribute to Callas – Concert and art exhibition to celebrate the 100th birthday of Maria Callas

The captivating concert A Tribute to Callas will enchant Verona on December 2, 2023. This event is the second installment of the “La Lirica al Castello” series, a collaboration between soprano Claudia Oddo, Günther Sanin (concertmaster of the Fondazione Arena di Verona), and under the direction of Luca Passante. The concert takes place in the historic Castelvecchio and is complemented by an art exhibition featuring works by local artists, curated by Tiziano Meglioranzi. Additionally, there is an international section curated by Mansoureh Rahnama titled “Wells of Love – Women who Impact the World” dedicated to the hundredth birthday of Maria Callas. All 15 works in the exhibition have been specifically created for this occasion.


Title: A Tribute to Callas
Concert & Vernissage: December 2nd, 2023 | 6.30 pm
(Free admission for invited guests.)
Venue: Castelvecchio, Verona

Duration of the art exhibition:
December 2nd, 2023 to January 7th, 2024
The exhibition will be open to the public from December 4th, 2023 to January 6th, 2024.


Claudia Oddo, the soprano and artistic director of the event, previously dedicated a significant exhibition concert to the divine Callas in 2009 at the Rudolf Oetker Halle Bielefeld in Germany, in collaboration with the International Maria Callas Association in Venice. She will perform arias and paraphrases from the opera repertoire of Puccini, Verdi, Ponchielli, Mascagni, and Bizet alongside the musicians of “TRIO VERONA LIRICA” (Günther Sanin Violin, Sara Airoldi Cello, and Roberto Corlianò Piano), promising an unforgettable celebration for Maria Callas’s birthday. The voices of tenors Matteo Barca and Simone Zampieri, lent to the event, will add a special charm.

Thanks to the patronage of the city of Zevio and the collaboration between the museum and the Maria Callas Academy in Zevio, original Callas dresses will be exhibited, and stage photos of Maria Callas will be projected during the concert, immortalizing moments from her illustrious career, including her debut in the Arena with Ponchielli’s La Gioconda on August 2, 1947. The presentation of these images aims to take the audience on a journey through time, providing insights into the life and artistic journey of Callas.

The outstanding cultural center Castelvecchio with its Gothic architecture is delighted to host this extraordinary event as part of the “La Lirica al Castello” festival, which promotes the arts and provides a platform for creative expression. Participating Italian artists include Guido Airoldi, Angelo Alessandrini, Davide Antolini, Raffaello Bassotto, Maurizio Marcato, Daniele Nalin, Maurizio Taioli, Luca Lolli, and Ippazio Fracasso Baacke. International artists and designers include Ali Ansari, Zahra Hassanabadi, Yossi Lemel, Yoko Yuzuki, Keizo Matsui, Mansoureh Rahnama, and Raban Ruddigkeit.

We express our gratitude to all sponsors who make this extraordinary international event possible:
Italian Sponsors: Biondani TMG, Forno Bonomo, ARTEP – Art in Carpet, Giulietta Verona – We are Verona, Vivavino Verona, MAPI- Multiservizi per la collettività, Life-Beauty & More
German Sponsor: Prof. Dr. Ulrike & Albert Detmers, Mestemacher- Die Lifestyle-Bakery
Greek Sponsors: Maria Kallinikidou and Joannis Kallinikidis

Under the patronage of the city of Zevio and in collaboration with the Maria Callas Academy of Zevio

Participating Italian artists, curated by Tiziano Meglioranzi:

  1. “A Tribute to Callas” Ippazio Fracasso Baacke, Painter Apulia/Germany, Acrylic on canvas 105x140cm
  2. “A Tribute to Callas” Daniele Nalin, Painter, Verona, Mixed media on canvas, 80x80cm
  3. “O patria mia mai più ti rivedrò” Davide Antolini, Painter, Verona, Acrylic on canvas, 80×100 cm
  4. “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle” Raffaello Bassotto, Photographer, Verona, Mixed media on cardboard, 72×89 cm
  5. “Frammenti di memoria” Maurizio Marcato, Visual Artist and Photographer, Print 100×120 cm
  6. “Alla Divina” Guido Airoldi, Visual Artist, Verona, Collage and poster paper on canvas, 100x80cm
  7. “A Tribute to Callas” Maurizio Taioli, Artist, Verona, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, 120x100cm
  8. “No Entry” Angelo Alessandrini, Painter and Sculptor, Verona, Oil on canvas, 80x130cm
  9. “Grandi anime” Luca Lolli, Painter, Bologna, Acrylic on canvas, 80x120cm

Participating international artists, curated by THINKUP Editions:

  1. “The sun‘s smile” Ali Ansari | Visual Artist, Iran, Mixed-Media + Photocollage + Digital Art, 100x130cm
  2. “Maria Eterna” Zahra Hassanabadi | Visual Artist, Germany – Iran, mixed media, Photocollage + Digital Art, 100x130cm
  3. “Golestan Reverie” Mansoureh Rahnama | Multimedia Artist, Germany, Iran, mixed-media + Photocollage + Digital Art, 100x130cm
  4. “Butterfly Effect” Raban Ruddigkeit | Designer, Germany, mixed-media, 100x130cm
  5. “Songs of roses”, Yoko Yuzuki | Visual artist & Keizo Matsui | Designer, Japan, mixed-media, 95x130cm
  6. “The spirit of music”, Yossi Lemel | Designer, Israel, mixed-media, 100x130cm

Wells of Love – women who impact the world!

Inspired by Maria Callas’s 100th birthday, Wells of Love honors the enduring contributions of the great diva to the world of art and culture. The initiative relies on the creative power of love to bring about positive changes in challenging times. Wells of Love believes in the transformative power of love through art and encourages artists to promote a shared vision of a better future. This project not only celebrates Maria Callas’s artistic mastery but also immortalizes her inspiring legend, ensuring that her stories are heard worldwide.

I am extremely pleased to be part of this outstanding event curating the 100th birthday of Maria Callas. It is a personal honor for me to contribute to this significant milestone in the world of art and culture. With great anticipation, I look forward to presenting the impressive artworks of talented female artists. Their works promise to enrich this unique occasion in an artistic manner. This event will become a poignant tribute to the unforgettable Maria Callas, and I am excited to captivate the guests with the artistic brilliance of these remarkable women.

Mansoureh Rahnama


Claudia Oddo

A extraordinary spinto soprano, Claudia Oddo was born in Germany and studied opera singing in Italy. She made her debut as a concert singer at the age of 21 with Emilia Romagna Teatri, followed by her operatic debut in La Traviata directed by Franco Zeffirelli and conducted by Plácido Domingo at Teatro Verdi in Busseto.

Her debut in Germany took place in 2005, where she resides today. Claudia Oddo has received several awards, including the recent 1st Premio Musica Cataldo Bancheri 2023 and the “Premio Ragusani nel Mondo 2020/21 XXVI Edition” in July 2021. These awards recognize her contributions as an interpreter of Italian bel canto and her intensive concert activities in Germany and Italy.

In 2013, Claudia Oddo was recognized as one of the new voices in the opera scene by “Verona Lirica” at the Philharmonic Theater of the Arena Foundation in Verona. In Verona, at the Theater Ristori, she recorded her first international album, “Claudia Oddo Verdi & Puccini”.

Claudia Oddo is known for her ability to stage performances and concerts that combine the visual arts with classical music and her own compositions using digital media. For several years, she has co-directed the music theater project “Opera & Arte” with the German-Italian artist Ippazio Fracasso-Baacke.

With the album “Cameleon”, Claudia Oddo made her debut as a composer with six-language songs, including “Fiori di passione” and her hymn to Sicily “Tu mia terra”. The 2022 tour at Teatro Politeama di Palermo in San Nicola L’Arena a Catania was acclaimed with the German OdL Orchestra.

Recent reviews can be found on insiciliareport.it, and live videos are available on her YouTube channel, including the concert at Teatro Politeama Palermo in October 2022. A quote from the review reads: “A true triumph for Claudia Oddo on her tour of Sicily, on the most prestigious stages, amidst art treasures and Genus loci. The audience experienced two concerts of rare beauty… Claudia Oddo has written a memorable page in the history of the city’s music and bel canto events”.

Claudia Oddo, a multiple award winner, has secured a solid place in the international music scene through her outstanding performances. Among her impressive awards is the 1st “PREMIO MUSICA CATALDO BANCHERI 2023” from the Rotary Club Rome, where she captivated the audience in Rome.

Claudia Oddo was also honored with the “PREMIO RAGUSANI NEL MONDO” in 2021/2020 in Ragusa, Sicily.

Her remarkable career was also acknowledged at the “PREMIO VERONA LIRICA” in 2013 at Teatro Filarmonico in Verona. A video of her performance vividly documents the artistic excellence she brings to the world of opera.

Claudia Oddo, through her award-winning performances and exceptional talent, sets standards in the world of classical music.
Link to the review!


Tiziano Meglioranzi

Tiziano Meglioranzi is a visionary leader and manager who has centered his experiences around culture, art, and design. As the founder and CEO of IL MERCANTE D’ORIENTE since 1981, later renamed ARTEP, he has significantly shaped the international world of art and design carpets. With a passion for various art forms, from antique textiles to modern design, Tiziano has established his showroom as a destination for collectors and professionals.

Under his leadership, ARTEP continues to thrive, with Tiziano now supported by his children Sara and Riccardo. As an influential figure in the realm of antique and modern art, he has organized significant events, participated in cultural initiatives, and co-founded innovative spaces like Mobilia International and Teca. Tiziano Meglioranzi also serves as an Art Advisor, leading a team of professionals specializing in art investments. As the President of the Association of Businessmen of the Historic Center of Verona since September 2019, he advocates for over 500 businesses in the old town. Besides his entrepreneurial activities, Tiziano is the Vice President of the “Amici GAM” association, supporting the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art Achille Forti. With a career spanning over four decades, Tiziano Meglioranzi remains a driving force at the intersection of art, business, and culture.

Verona Celebrates Maria Callas: An Extraordinary Legacy in the Focus of International Music and Art Enthusiasts

We are delighted to inform music and art enthusiasts about this international event in celebration of the 100th birthday of Maria Callas in the beautiful city of Verona. Here, amidst the echoes of timeless love stories, we collectively celebrate an extraordinary legacy. We would highly appreciate coverage of this unique event. A report with photos and videos will be gladly provided to you.