Join us on our kick-off exhibition & lecture

Women’s Empowerment – Live the change, change lives! is a platform that advocates for the empowerment of women’s equality in Iran and other countries. The platform offers creative solutions through exhibitions, book publications, movie and workshops to address the situation and initiate dialogues.

Arts and culture professionals from the international community play an important role in influencing political and social change. We believe that the power of art and the written word can contribute to self-reflection and social change.

The #WELCCL campaign promotes the women’s movement in Iran with the support of arts and culture professionals through public relations. Many have welcomed our invitation and provided us with their artworks. The artworks will be presented as part of a series of exhibitions.

We would like to thank our partner organisaiton THINKUP Connectivity e.V. to display the project on #Frauenfilmfest with great support of #KulturbüroDortmund, sponsors and all freedom-loving people who support us on our way.

Women’s Empowerment – Live the change, change lives! will present a few theme related works during the International women’s film Festival #Frauenfilmfest on #superraumdortmund as a kick-off exhibition.

Furthermore, we present the project in a lecture at #digitalewerkbank

Kick-off exhibition: April 18 – 22 / Superraum Dortmund

Lecture: April 20, 2023 / 19:00 / Denkraum – Digitale Werkbank – Langer Donnerstag:

Design made by Raban Ruddigkeit

Superraum: Brückstraße 64 | 44135 Dortmund
Denkraum – Digitale Werkbank: Hoher Wall 15 | 44137 Dortmund