Invitation to Networking Event:
Nowruz – A Celebration of Resilience and New Beginnings

We cordially invite you to a special networking event in celebration Nowruz on March 24, 2024! In collaboration with our partner THINKUP Connectivity e.V., a non-profit organization, we present the International Shortfilm Festival Women’s Empowerment. A selection of short films will be showcased, followed by a stimulating discussion on Women’s Empowerment and the challenges women face worldwide.

Date & Time: March 24, 2024 | 8 PM | doors open: 7:30 PM
Venue: Superraum | Brückstraße 64, 44135 Dortmund

Presentation of three short films, featuring special guest artist and filmmaker Shahram Karimi.

In the delicate fabric of Persian New Year, shadows dance upon the rejuvenated land, imbued with the sunlight of spring. Inspired by the unwavering strength of Ganbaru, the last festival unfolds with the Natsu Dance and the resistance of Katvoman.

In the midst of this solemn awakening of nature, we recognize the importance of true friendship and interpersonal relationships in life’s challenges. Norouz marks the beginning of a period of growth and change, where we nurture hope for a better future.

The Shahnameh, authored by the revered Iranian poet Abu al-Qasim Ferdowsi (940-1020), is a true gem of Persian literature. It narrates the rich and legendary tales of ancient Persia, including the founding of Nowruz attributed to the mythical King Jamshid. He saved humanity from a deadly winter, becoming a symbol of hope and renewal.

Just as the words of the Shahnameh fill the hearts of readers with the brilliance of bygone eras and the splendor of Persian heritage, so too is the Persian New Year celebrated—as a festival of growth, change, and hope for a brighter future. Like delicate buds of cherry blossoms, we open ourselves to the opportunities presented to us. Amidst the fragrant daffodils, we relish the abundance of life experiences, savor the taste of Shiraz wine from new beginnings, and with each breath of orange blossoms, we build a bit more resilience.

Nowruz is celebrated in various countries with different rituals, forming a colorful mosaic of festivities and traditions. Within this diverse tapestry reflects the splendor of nature’s rebirth and the magic of communal unity, filling us with joy, unity, and certainty that together we can overcome any challenge fate may present us.

Our program includes the screening of three inspiring short films from various countries, capturing the unique stories and experiences of women. Experience the diversity of female perspectives, challenges and triumph stories.

Here is a brief introduction to the selected short films:

  1. NATSU DANCE, written & directed by Teruyoshi Uchimura, Japan 2023
    Hitoyoshi Kuma, Kumamoto, Japan, birthplace of Uchimura Teruyoshi, boasts nature, hot springs, and rich culture. Despite setbacks from the 2016 earthquake and 2020 flood, a high school girl dreams of reviving her town through international Breaking dance events. The short film showcases Hitoyoshi-Kuma’s resilience post-disaster, featuring famous landmarks and memories of the 2020 flood.
  2. The Last Party, written & directed by Matteo Damiani, Italy 2022
    The Last Party is a short film about two elderly sisters, Celeste and Teresa, reuniting after many years. Despite feeling forgotten in a small provincial town, they proudly assert their desire to live fully, reclaiming roles often denied to women in their youth. It’s never too late to reconnect, share stories, and find one’s place in life’s journey.
  3. Katvoman, written and directed by Hadi Sheibani, Iran 2022
    Before the father arrived, a mother and son played the Catwoman-Batman Game. Meanwhile, noise and screams emanated from the next door, suggesting that the neighbor had harmed his wife. It was now imperative for the father to intervene in the game before the son became aware of the situation.

Following the screening, we warmly invite you to participate in a discussion where we will explore Women’s Empowerment and delve deeper into the messages and themes of the short films. Expect an enriching exchange on empowering women in all aspects of life and promoting gender equality and equal opportunities.

This event offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, establish new connections, and advocate together for an inclusive and just society. Be part of this important discussion and let’s work together for a better future.

Participation in the networking event is free and open to all. We look forward to your participation and an inspiring evening filled with engagement and dialogue!

We kindly request a voluntary donation.

Registration at the specified address is requested.

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