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Japan 2023


We want to deliver the beauty of nature, and the charm of the people gathering there.

Natsu・Shimao Konatsu | Yui・Kurashima Sara | Takeru・Yoshikawa Kota | Ogata・Muro Tsuyoshi | Kana・Emi Kurara | Akito・Uchimura Teruyoshi

– Hitoyoshi High・Nanryo High・Kumamoto Local Dance Schools
– Hitoyoshi citizens, Kuma citizens, beyond generations and genders.

Writer & Director:Uchimura Teruyoshi
Producers: Furugori Shinya (Confidence Man JP, Fly Me to the Saitama)
Tomita Hirotaka (Our Exchange Diary, A Gold Medal Man)
Associate Producer: Otsubo Kana (MIX, Honnoji Hotel)
Assistant to Director: Mitsuhashi Toshiyuki (Confidence Man JP, Super Rich)
Photographer:Tanigawa Sohei (Ms. Lupin,  Fly Me to the Saitama)
Music:Sato Naoki(Always 3 Chome series,  2020 Tokyo Olympic Medal Ceremony)
Additionally, composer Sato Naoki, known for his award-winning work on Always: 3 Chome No Yuhi and his recent composition for Godzilla-1.0  (ゴジラ –1.0) , brings his musical expertise to enhance the immersive experience of NATSU DANCE.

Music Selection:Fujimura Yoshitaka (Masquerade Hotel, Radiation House)
Production:FILM | Project U, Maseki Geinousha | Supported:Hitoyoshi Kuma

July 2022 Hitoyoshi-Kuma location scouting, Hitoyoshi-Kuma high school dance practice
Shooting 8/15 Hitoyoshi fireworks Hitoyoshi Kumamoto recovery project
Delivery 2023/09/18

Teruyoshi Uchimura

Teruyoshi Uchimura, born in 1964 in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto, is a multifaceted individual known for his contributions as a film director, comedian, actor, MC, and artist. He is celebrated as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry in Japan, often compared to renowned international talents like Roberto Benigni and Rowan Atkinson.

In 1985, he made his debut as one half of the popular comedy duo Ucchan Nanchan, captivating audiences with their humor and wit. Throughout his career, he has been a mainstay on television, frequently appearing in skit shows and entertaining viewers with his comedic talents.

As an actor, Teruyoshi has showcased his versatility by portraying a wide range of characters in numerous TV dramas and movies, earning acclaim for his performances.

In addition to his work in front of the camera, Teruyoshi has ventured into filmmaking, directing three feature films to date: Peanuts (2006), Our Exchange Diary (2013), and A Gold Medal Man (2016). His latest project, NATSU DANCE, marks his fourth endeavor as a director and his first foray into the realm of short films. With NATSU DANCE Teruyoshi continues to explore his creative vision and storytelling prowess, offering audiences a fresh perspective through his unique cinematic lens.

He produced and directed NATSU DANCE to cherish his hometown Kumamoto for a bright future. NATSU DANCE showcases a great techno classic, Cannon by Matsumoto, and a youth Brake’n Dance performance, illustrating the protagonist’s potential as a contender for the 2025 Olympics.


The Hitoyoshi Kuma region in Kumamoto, Japan, holds special significance as the birthplace and upbringing of Uchimura Teruyoshi. Here, amidst the scenic landscapes, natural hot springs, and the rich cultural heritage, one can truly appreciate the blessings of nature and the enduring spirit of the local community, characterized by kindness and warm smiles.

However, the region faced significant challenges in recent years. The April 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake and the July 2020 flooding of the Kuma River brought immense hardship, robbing many of their smiles. Despite the adversity, a high school girl dreams of revitalizing the town through participation in a global Breaking dance event. Yet, there remain areas grappling with enduring pain and ongoing recovery efforts.

2020 Kuma River Flood

It is imperative to continue sharing the story of resilience from Hitoyoshi Kuma—a place and people deeply scarred but unwavering in their resolve to overcome. Through this short film, we aim to capture the present-day essence of Hitoyoshi Kuma and pass it on to future generations, showcasing the region’s charm and must-visit tourist spots.

Set against the backdrop of his hometown, Hitoyoshi Kuma, this film portrays the region’s remarkable recovery and restored beauty following the disasters. Cherished locations become poignant shooting sites, preserving memories and experiences from the 2020 flood.

In essence, this work seeks to convey the enduring spirit of Hitoyoshi Kuma—a community that has risen from the depths of despair, reminding us that dreams can endure despite adversity.